Scenes From A Memory

I'm proud to be different, it's the best thing about me.

Forever Wilson

Yes, to make extra sure that no one misses my absolute devotion for James Wilson, here is this masterpiece created by the very talented jane_hidell.

James Wilson is human, selfless, depressed, generous, screwed up, smart, manipulative, funny, psychoanalitical, sometimes naive, sometimes realistic, sometimes meek, sometimes ballzy, sometimes predictable, sometimes surprising, always caring, always amazing, always filled with unreasonable guilt, always cute, always hot, always dorky, always entertaining and most certainly never boring. I wouldn't want him any other way.

He is not perfect, he is just perfect for me (and maybe for others too, I love sharing the Wilson love <3).
I tolerate reasonable criticism of Wilson, I do NOT tolerate unreasonable, ridiculous and hypocritical hate.

Hope this makes things crystal clear in my journal :P

Everyone who loves Wilson feel more than free to friend me :)

Season 7 Promos
*Peeks out of the cave*

I'm afraid to even watch these...


Other 3 promosCollapse )



Other 3 promosCollapse )
Veredict people? Do I wanna watch these? Will I want to scratch my eyes out?
Is there any Wilson in them? Should I look fowards to season 7 at all?

Bored bored bored, entertain me!
Bash me anonymously, right here ;)

I'm bored and desperate for monday to come! (yes I know, it's friday and I want it to be monday, my life is ruled by [H]ouse these days)

So a few questions for you all

Random questions:
1) How old are you?
2) What show(s) do you love besides House?
3) 3 bands/singers you love?
4) Anything peculiar/unique about you? (be as random as you want)
5) Reason for living?
6) One person you wanna spit in the face (from RL or the internetz)?
7) Sexuality (straight, gay, bi, asexual)?
8) 3 things to do before you die?
9) What typical polemic issue are you most concerned with and what's your position? (e.g.: abortion, free speech vs descrimination, euthanasia, gay rights, etc)
10) Your favourite person on the internetz? (I'll check them out if they're on LJ :P)

Questions about [H]ouse:
1) Top 3 favourite characters?
2) Any character you dislike?
3) Favourite episode?
4) One line/phrase from the show that has particularly stiken you?
5) What do you think about Chase's actions in The Tyrant?
6) What character do you feel the most identified with (personality-wise)?
7) How many more seasons do you think there should be or would you want there to be?
8) What songs from the show do you have downloaded on your comp or on your ipod?
9) Best Wilson moment of season 6? (can be funny, dramatic, or whatever)

Since you're sharing with me, it's only fair that I share with you, you can ask me questions as well, if you want (not a must at all).

Lets all toast...Collapse )

Bitch is in bitchy mood
[Spoilers for this preview, in the post & links]

Poop, poop, poop and more poop! All over my fandom! >:(

Today we have Wilson as a special guest, to discuss this srs bsns

*GASP* What's he gonna say!! :OCollapse )

Am I the only one who REALLY liked this episode?
Thanks guys for the nice words yesterday, I'm feeling better today. So on to the really important stuff :P

A few things about Open and ShutCollapse )

My misery loves company
Was planning to make a very cheerful post about Open and Shut this weekend, because I really liked the episode (drama/fights ftw), but shit happened and now I'm all sad and depressed and drained.

So, since I'm not a big sharer of my very pathetic and boring personal life, I went for a sad!Wilson picspam instead. Idk, it's therapeutic for me somehow. Is it weird that I love his misery?

Join the sadness/depressionCollapse )

College owns my life ;_;
My dear F-list, I have you so abandoned these days! :C

The goddamn midterm exams took over my life these last few weeks, but I finally finished on wednesday (and have been mostly sleeping since then). So the few times I did manage to be on the internet was mostly to watch the new episodes and discuss them with a few people and maybe post a few things in some comms.

But I've barely checked my f-list updates, so if there's anything you would like to share with me that I may have missed, or any posts you made that you would like me to check out, always feel free to pm me about it or let me know in the comments here if you want.

Anyway, there is one thing I need to whine about the latest House episode, which online people who chat with me have already heard about/got bored with plenty and I bet nobody cares about this even remotely as much as I do...

Spoilers for 6x18, whinning, worthless opinions, stupid poll, bunch of Wilson pics and much more!Collapse )

About episode 6x18
Spoilers for episode 6x18Collapse )

Black Hole? And I thought The Down Low was the one that killed all subtlety
Spoilers for 6x16 Black HoleCollapse )

New layout
Sorry but I really have to say it after re-watching the season 4 finale, Dying Changes Everything and a few other episodes


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